The Most Critical Time to Move is Young!

Central Nervous System and Motor Development

The human body is more adaptable to learning and retaining motor skills at a young age. From the time you are a baby, the central nervous system is developing in combination with your motor development. There is a natural process that occurs to begin walking, eating, and talking but these skills are also better learned through practice, not neglect.

Kids today are neglecting the next critical time in their central nervous system and motor development when they should be moving and discovering their ability to run, catch, throw, balance, and support their own body weight in movement. They are instead watching TV, playing video games or browsing the Internet.

If kids continue to practice developing these motor skills while still young, they will more likely lean towards being more fit and functional human beings instead of sedentary and obese.  When we do things as kids we are more likely to remember and practice those skills, as we grow older.

Simply being active and playing around outside with friends will improve a child’s balance, coordination and overall movement.  Trying more challenging exercises will help them become even more functional and strong.

Encourage activity for every child and set them on a path to better health and physical development.


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