Activities for Home & Outside!

Fitness and Fun with Anna

Are you interested in sports, after school activities, or active games like the Wii? It’s good to stay active in any way you like! You don’t have to be an athlete or have your parents bring you to after school activities just to stay fit. There are so many ways to be active and have fun to stay healthy.

For instance:

  1. Stay active with an exercise DVD (like Jumpstart Your Health!)
  2. Ride scooters with a friend
  3. Try yoga, hula hoop or jumping rope
  4. Do jumping jacks, push-ups or sit-ups
  5. Play an active dance or sports video game that gets you moving

When you sit in front of the TV everyday after school there is a bigger chance that you will become overweight and unhealthy. Your body needs to be active at least 60 minutes everyday!!!! So get started today!

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