Parents! Encourage Your Kids to be Active!

1. Ask your kid what they did during their workout- Kids that go to practice or exercise individually or with a group, accomplish a lot during their workouts. Asking them what they learned during their workout will challenge them to remember the things they did, get them excited again about the workout, and increase parent/child interaction which will aid in your kid’s willingness to communicate with you.

 2.  Encourage your kid to try a new sport- Parents ask me all the time the best way for their young child to improve on their athletic abilities. I always suggest having their kid play multiple sports if they are not doing so. Being exposed to different sports will allow the child to experience multiple movement patterns. This in turn can aid in improving athletic development especially for pre-adolescents.

3. Preach water!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Water is the foundation of our body thus should be the primary source of our liquid intake. Encourage your child to drink water by having them bring a water bottle to every workout. Additionally, have them drink a glass when they wake up and a glass before they go to bed. This will establish the good habit of drinking water and having it a part of their daily routine.

4. Encouragement- Kids love positive reinforcement especially from their parents. Praise them when they workout or eat a balanced meal. Tell them you are proud of the good choices they are making and continue to share with them the benefits of these choices. The more good they here from you the more likely they will have a desire to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Article By: Jeff King

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, NSCA

Jeff King has worked with hundred of young kids from ages 8-13. In addition to working with kids, Jeff has designed numerous programs for young athletes that are structure to improve all aspects of health and fitness among kids. Jeff’s innovative and creative thought process has allowed him to work with kids of all levels and backgrounds.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

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